Monday, 11 February 2013

Adult Pupils' Challenge

It occurred to me that we older pianists need little challenges in order to keep us focussed and to give us a reason to play and practise, and so this is my idea.

We should devise a 3 piece programme each, to include one fairly easy piece, one more demanding one and a duet. Also to include some relevant warm-ups for each piece and a verbal introduction for each piece- you can write it out as a writen programme if you want.

For example my choice might be: Chopin Prelude in C minor, Beethoven Rondo, Pathetique Sonata, Finger Bustin' Boogie duet by Wedgwood. Your programme will be different of course, have a think and aim for a summer completion.

We could have an afternoon tea/ playing session or just work on these in lessons, it's entirely up to you. Recording the programme is also a possibility!

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