Monday, 27 November 2017

Last lessons before the Christmas Concert!

It's the Christmas Concert next week on Tuesday 5th December! This week we will have many last lessons and will practise performing your pieces rather than just playing them.

So far these are the performers:

Beth and Ashleigh- 2 duets
Beth- Valse Lent
Samuel I- New Orleans Blues
Daniel- Save the Whale
Zoe- waltz in A
Zoe and Anna- duet
Amelia- Harmonies des Anges
Oliver- Cloudy Day
Tricia- Nocturne
Grace- All the Stars are Shining
Samuel H- Intermezzo

There will also be brass, voice and piano pupils from my colleagues Simon and Joanne.

Come along and bring your family. There s plenty of room at The Salvation Army Hall and an audience is always welcome!

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