Monday, 29 July 2013

Diploma congratulations!

Congratulations to Liz Seward who has passed her Dip ABRSM in Piano Teaching. This diploma involved a piece of written work on an area of piano teaching, playing and explaining how to teach grade 6 pieces, a Quick Study at sight of grade 6 standard and a Viva Voce on just about every aspect of the written work and teaching! Liz did really well and is going from strength to strength as a teacher.

Congratulations also to Josephine Southon who has passed her DipLCM in piano performing. Josie managed this at the same time as taking her A levels and passing her grade 8 flute! She intends to go to university to study music.
Performing diplomas are professional qualifications and although they are a possible next step after grade 8, they are a significant step up and include a 15-20 mins programme of performing, a written programme, a viva vice and a quick study or sight reading. Teaching, conducting and accompanying diplomas are also available. Any diploma entails a serious commitment in time, practising and preparation. Josie has done seriously well!

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