Monday, 8 July 2013

Holiday Piano Ideas!

Holiday Piano Ideas! for when you are bored or just want to explore music and the piano a little bit more.

·        Play a concert; choose an easy piece, a well-known piece and a fun piece. You can invite family and friends and design and print a programme for it.

·        Find out about one of your favourite composers. Write a potted biography of them and include: their dates of birth and death, where they lived, 3 interesting facts (did they like a certain food, have red hair etc), what kind of music they wrote, what instruments they wrote for or why you like their music.

·        Try some of the ideas here:

·        Look ahead and try the next pieces in your book, listen to them on Spotify or YouTube and Do It Yourself!

·        Try getting ahead with music theory- look on my Pinterest Boards for games to help with this:


·        Find a piano playing friend and play some easy peasy duets with them

·        Teach your parents or your younger brothers and sisters an easy tune from your first books.

·        Go to a concert- there are some Proms for children and some free ones!

·        Try a new instrument- recorder is cheap and easy.

·        Compose a tune for piano based on one of your favourite pieces.

·        Find some new cool piano apps, try them out and come back and tell me all about them.

·        Teach yourself to play a favourite TV or film theme tune by ear, or crack Happy Birthday!

·        Video yourself playing a piece and upload it to YouTube or send it to me and I will put it on my blog!

·        Visit somewhere musical in the holidays- Handel House in London or a famous concert hall, write a newspaper style report or blog about it.(send it to me and I will put it on my blog)

·        Enjoy your Summer!

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