Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Christmas Music etc!

After the half-term holiday we will be playing Christmas songs, carols and tunes (as well as your current repertoire). These will all count towards your 30 Pieces Challenge so bring in any Christmas music you have at home or(beginner to grade 2 pupils) download some from http://www.susanparadis.com
The following books are good:
For Piano Adventures: Primer pupils Piano Adventures Primer Level Christmas Book, and then for each level there is a Christmas Book. Don't go for a higher level as it's useful to learn these quickly! Each Hal Leonard Level also has a Christmas Piano Solos book in its Hal Leonard Student Piano Library series. There are also lots of other books  and some attractive jazzy grade 1-5 arrangements by Pam Wedgwood, Heather Hammond and Martha Mier  so do browse www.musicroom.com or go to Allegro or Daces shops in town. I look forward to hearing everything Christmassy!

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