Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Scarlatti Sonata K492 grade 8 Technical Checklist

Scarlatti Sonata in D K492 Checklist

·        Sort out, mark in and observe a workable fingering.

·        All quavers to be lightly detached.

·        Practise the ornaments so that they do not slow the tempo down.

·        Make sure that you can successfully and accurately ripple the LH guitar-like passages.

·        Keep fingers curved and towards the black keys, especially in the scale passages.

·        Check your shoulders and wrists for excessive tension.

·        Secure the start of the B section as this has new material.

·        Make sure the acciaccaturas are crushed and snap cleanly.

·        Mark in and observe the echo passages.

·        Make sure it is all one speed; practise it at a moderate metronome speed and then gradually increase it.

·        Secure starts and endings of A and B sections, memorise.

·        Memorise tricky passages and practise them eyes shut too.

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