Thursday, 7 September 2017


Congratulations to the following pupils for their exam achievements last term:

Alice Ward for gaining the equivalent of an A in her Music International Baccalaureate exam. Alice is going on to Roehampton to study Primary Education. We wish her lots of luck. Any school will be lucky to have Alice on their staff with her exceptional violin and piano skills.

Jennifer Marshall for gaining an A* at music GCSE. Jennifer is going on to study for A level music and to take her grade 8 piano.

Samuel Harradine for gaining an A at music GCSE. Sam played his Dvorak Slavonic Dance duet at a ferocious speed for the practical part of this exam, and I'm sure delighted the examiners with his performance of Shui Cao Wu. Sam is working towards his grade 8.

Hannah Spry for gaining a distinction mark of 138 at grade 3. Hannah has online lessons with me so has done exceptionally well to achieve this stunning mark.

Many thanks to all the parents who do so much to support and encourage pupils in these achievements; I appreciate you all.

Congratulations everyone!

Fiona Lau.

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