Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Lesson information.

September 2017

Welcome to a new year of piano lessons. I am looking forward to hearing everyone play again.

Lessons are £36 per hour. This fee has not been raised for several years and is at the cheaper end of the scale for someone with my qualifications, experience and success rate. It breaks down as £27 per 45 mins and £18 per 30 mins. This is payable in advance before or at the first lesson.

Pupils who are beginner to g5 level generally have 30 min lessons and pupils at g6 + level can have 45 or 60 min lessons. Adults have 1 hour lessons on alternate weeks and pay as they come. I will send an email each month with dates of the lessons and the total to be paid. I appreciate that life gets busy so if you cannot attend a lesson, please tell me at this point and I will try my best to re-arrange it.

There is usually space to park on my road and, if you can arrive only 5 minutes before your lesson that would be great and keep interruptions to other pupils at a minimum. Notes for the lesson will be written in the piano notebook which you can supply or I can provide one of my generic exercise books, to be decorated with stickers etc! And please remember your music!

I also put information on my blog so check that but feel free to email me with any queries too.

In the unlikely event of you wanting to stop having lessons- it happens to everyone at some point for whatever reason- please give me 1 month’s notice.

Phew, I think I’ve mentioned everything,


Fiona Lau

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